Name: Gold Rank
Price: 15.00 USD

On Purchase, you will receive:

Discord Server:

  • Gold Rank
  • Access to Donator only channels
  • Access to Donator only giveaways

Minecraft Server:

  • Gold Rank
  • Gold Title in-game
  • All items from the Silver Package
  • Access to blue chat colour
  • Access to /hat
  • Access to /ec
  • Access to /invsee
  • Get $10,000 instantly!
  • Access to colourful nicknames!
  • Access to the following in /pets: IronGolem, Llama, Wither
  • Access to the following in /particles: Flame Rings, Enchanted
  • Access to the following in /hats: Piston, Command Block, Music, Astronaut, Bread, Fries 
  • Ability to set the time and weather in your plot!*
  • Access to a 45 slot backpack
  • Ability to host all rides and operate all flat rides

*Coming soon